Help us raise funds to make this Dream a Reality- Uxbridge Lions Universal Playground. In the fall of 2022 a new family-friendly playground will come home to Elgin Park in Uxbridge. Children, young people and adults will enjoy this unique playground which will incorporate sensory music play, and various pieces. Help us fundraise to see this Dream become a Reality in our town of Uxbridge. "We Serve!"

If you would like to fill out a donation form to mail to the Uxbridge Lions Club, click here.

A big thank you to Leah, Wilt, Tim and Leo and all involved in making Thursday, June 10th evening so enjoyable.

If you would like to watch the event from June 10, here is the link:

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Help Us Create a Totally Accessible Playground in Elgin Park

The Uxbridge Lions Club, with the support of the Township of Uxbridge, sponsors and other volunteer organizations, is working to build a new playground area in Elgin Park.

This new playground will replace an existing older structure at the side of the paved path opposite the newer playground in Elgin Park.  It will be an accessible playground that everyone can enjoy.  Watch this video showing an example of a playground structure that is accessible by people of varying abilities.

What  you can do to help us create this wonder adventure for you and your family in Elgin Park:

  • Read more on our website and donate towards the playground or donate or sponsor towards a play feature.

  • Organize a fundraiser at work or in your neighbourhood.

  • If you have a business that you could donate some of the items (rocks, benches, flowers, etc.) seen in the renderings or video.

We would like to thank participants who submitted their ideas in our dream playground ideas competition in October, 2020.  Click here to view their submissions.

Building Your Community Total Accessible Playground in Elgin Park

We have already raised $80,000.  With a goal to open our playground in the Fall of 2022, we need your help.  Please make a donation by clicking on the PayPal button to help us Build our Community’s Dream Playground – A Playground for All!


With more donations/sponsors or work in kind we can build a much larger and more interactive play area.  Look at the pictures and videos to get some ideas of what is available.  We welcome feedback.  Go to our Contact Page to share your ideas.

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If you are a resident and would like to make a donation towards this project, download our

 RESIDENT DONATION FORM Universal Playground.

If your company or business would like to make a donation towards this project, download our DONATION FORM FOR BUSINESSES Universal Playground.

Include a cheque with your completed Donation Form. 

Make cheques payable to the Township of Uxbridge and

indicate "Universal Playground" in the Memo line on your cheque.

Tax receipts will be issued for donation amounts over $20.00.

Send all forms to Uxbridge Lions Club, P.O. Box 1082, Uxbridge, Ontario  L9P 1N4

To contact us, email: or call us at 416-271-5139

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Your Playground Dream Submissions

We have received some fantastic ideas of what people in Uxbridge would like to see to make up the new playground area.  Thanks to all participants. 


Thank you to some of our participants:

This video is about a similar playground project by a Lions Club in Vancouver, B.C.